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About: Music through the eyes and ears of a true hiphop and soul lover, brought to you by the power of technology :)

@Chaundon - Hindsight (ft Skillz The DJ)

Let’s put this simply. This is one hell of a sunshine anthem with an undertone of realness. I’ve played it 5 times already.. but hey at just over 2 mins long, I think I could easily play it another 5 times in a row :) And well the sun is shining here in London so the music might as well reflect the weather right??



@TheQuaranteam - Carnage

Yeah…. people seem to like the latest Quaranteam vid… so here’s a little reminder of their last one.

Can someone tell me why these guys are so raw?!?!



theallseizing asked: The Quaranteam video you posted was dope. If you're into european hip hop and haven't heard of Side Effectz, check them out. The cd The Wood Sessions is real solid.


Thanks for the heads up! I’m checking them out now, 360 degrees is sounding good!! :) Peep The Quaranteam - Carnage video… its real nice too!

@TheQuaranteam - Thoughts On My Mind 

To put it simply; these guys are monstrous on the mic. The track and video are ill, I’m disappointed that I never blogged this earlier (you know when you dream that you did something and then realise you didn’t… yeah that’s the case here lol) So as late as this post is, it’s still a dope track and get’s regular rotation at mine. There’s just something about hearing each guy speak their mind in such a genuine capacity. 

I can’t lie Skillit’s verse does a lot for me…. I guess there’s something really endearing about hearing and seeing a guy whose known for having a ridiculous amount of energy  just coming with the realness. I think you get so used to the big personality that it’s easy to forget that we’re all just human. And that’s the beauty of the tune, it really gets across the fact that behind the music everyone’s got issues to deal with. 







Frank Ocean - Whip Appeal

Yes!!! More Frank Ocean for the weekend :) And I love the carefree, sunshine vibe on this song. I’m gonna bump this in the gym!

Frank Ocean - White

I’m mesmerized by the way Frank’s tapped into his inner Stevie Wonder on this. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

NaS - The Don (Prod. by Heavy D, Salaam Remi & Da Internz)

LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL…… The Don is BACK and he’s killin it!  I love the way he flows so nasty over the beat… Damn with that deadly combo on production, how could it not be dope?

Ugly Duckling - Elevation

Dope beat, crazy ass video and feelgood vibes!!!